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Thursday, June 15, 2006

iPod video conferencing???

A rather unusual patent that has just surfaced has already begun being discussed. Strangely enough, this patent has not been filed by Apple or Apple employees, but by someone who is apparently unrelated to Apple, Kendyl Roman.

The patent itself refers to 'an enhanced iPod' as well as to 'an improved iPod,' and is also accompanied by illustrations of iPod looking devices. The filing has a heavy emphasis on live video streaming and video conferencing conducted through the ‘improved iPod’ device, and also presents details of a new codec for QuickTime.

This new improved device would be able to function as a video server on a wireless network, to have new optional hardware modules available (such as the one that has come from the partnership with Nike), and last but not least, be capable of sending and receiving streaming ‘live’ video.

Also of interest, the patent shows a cellular device using the same interface for viewing video as the improved iPod device, however, the cell phone is referred to as a distinct entity, and even though the patent can suggest that the two devices might be made one, it never actually touches upon the possibility of a stand-alone cell phone device.

Like May other Apple related patents, the technology described might not turn into an actual product for a long time, if ever.


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